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Gab #16 Review. Creative Event.

Our 16th Gab creative & design talk event came and went this week - and it was a pretty special one, as we were joined by a guest all the way from Barcelona. 

Hector Ayuso is the founder of Barcelona's Offf, a yearly festival of creativity and design that brings together some of the world's leading artists to share their stories.  The event has grown to become one of the world's largest and most respected creative get togethers, with off-shoot festivals now happening in Italy, Mexico and London. We were delighted that Hector could join us in Glasgow to share his story, and his belief in following your dreams. It was a really interesting and inspiring talk. 

We were also joined by Ali & Amy from urban arts studio Recoat, who told us about 10 years of working as a creative duo in their 10 minuite talk, and Kev from Glasgow based motion studio PlayDead. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us, we also managed to raise some cash for the amazing Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, and thank you to Hector for the great gift of a Gab branded Barcelona strip!

We'll be announcing our final event of the year over the next few weeks... watch this space.