Design for BBC Music. Introducing Live in London 2019.

Gab 23. A Creative Get Together.

Jamhot to appear at Offf 2020 in Barcelona. Creative Festival.

Kames Fish Farm. New Design Client.

Jamhot at Graphic Design Festival Scotland. Design Event.

An Evening of Creative Chat at Gab22. Design Event Glasgow.

QMU at Glasgow University. New Brand Design.

In The Studio With North Uist Distillery Co.

Gab23 Thursday 17th October. Glasgow Design Event.

Gab : Featuring Snook

Gab : A Get Together For Creative Folk

Thurs 24 September : With Sarah Drummond : Snook

Free tea, coffee and chat from 8:15am - talk at 8:35am


Brought to you by Jamhot


Join us to hear from Sarah Drummond, co-founder and Director of Snook. 



For this talk we’ll be upping sticks form our usual Citizen M home and visiting Snook’s new studio space on Miller Street - with coffee from Glasgow’s finest sandwich mongers Piece.


Snook is an award winning Design agency based in Glasgow and London working globally across the public, private and third sector. Since 2009, Snook have been transforming services and organisations - working with companies to ensure the products, campaigns and services they deliver work for people and deliver on their missions in the most efficient way.

The Snook approach involves constant improvement and iteration - ‘This could work better’, ‘What if we tried running that this way’, ‘Just imagine if’ while looking to bring people on the journey with them.  

Join us at their new studio space in Miller Street to hear about the Snook approach to design and how they do what they do.