Design for BBC Music. Introducing Live in London 2019.

Gab 23. A Creative Get Together.

Jamhot to appear at Offf 2020 in Barcelona. Creative Festival.

Kames Fish Farm. New Design Client.

Jamhot at Graphic Design Festival Scotland. Design Event.

An Evening of Creative Chat at Gab22. Design Event Glasgow.

QMU at Glasgow University. New Brand Design.

In The Studio With North Uist Distillery Co.

Gab23 Thursday 17th October. Glasgow Design Event.

North Uist Distillery Co. Design Blog Coverage.

We've had a great reception to our design work for North Uist Distillery Co. since we launched it to the world last month. It's been great to see the positive reaction to our very first drinks branding project. The launch couldn't have gone any better with the first three batches of Downpour Gin already sold out - keeping Kate & Jonny very busy in their island distillery. Lots of late nights and early starts to meet the demand. 

We're currently working with the distillery team on ongoing content and design - and planning some exciting further developments for later this year. 

Thanks to some great design & packaging blogs for featuring the project - you can check it out here:

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